Saturday, September 12, 2015

Guess who chopped almost 10 inches of hair?

It's been over a year since my last hair cut. I got my hair cut in April of 2014. Like majority of my haircuts done at salons: it was pretty disastrous.

It was cut extremely uneven and there was not much that I could do to my hair except wait for it to grow back evenly. A simple 'trim' turned into a hair disaster. 

My hair was cut crooked, they used 4 hair dryers to blow it out then straighten it and applied an oil to my hair that smelled like Lysol. My hair was so unbelievably greasy, I couldn't even believe it. It took about a month to get my hair back to normal. Never in my entire life had had my hair ever looked greasy! It went away in about a month. There's nothing quite like every person at your birthday asking you, "Do you smell Lysol?"

I didn't realize how uneven it was until my haircut this past Monday! My hair had grown out to my hips. Since 2008, I've been growing out my hair and only cut it once a year. I used to think that my hair just didn't grow. For my hair, it seems to just work better for me to cut it once a year. 

As much as I loved my long hair, I knew that I needed to get my split ends cut and long layers. One night after a Google session, I found this haircut and it looked so adorable to me! Her curl texture, coarseness and thickness seemed to be similar enough to mine that I could do it. 

Ever since becoming Curly Girl, my hair has become so important. Not just what it looks like, but its healthiness. I normally do my big chop (usually anywhere from 3-7 inches once a year) during the summer. The only reason for this is because it keeps me cooler in the summer. :)

My mom, who is an ex-hair stylist, cut it. I had about 9 inches cut off. She cuts my hair wet then dry. This technique has worked for me my entire life. She also cuts my Dad's coarse, high density, tightly curled 3B curls.

I considered taking the almost 2 hour trip to Virginia to my nearest Deva salon, but decided against it. I always know that I can trust my mama. ;) 

It was a mixture of split ends and just general length that she cut off to give me the long layers above. I can happily say that my hair looks exactly like in this picture without any product... except with a lot more frizz. LOL.

Since I have Corkicelli curls, my hair shrinks pretty badly. My hip-length hair shrunk to my chest to mid waist. My current length is elbow-length when wet, but shrinks to my shoulder when dry. It's a huge adjustment... but I love it! 

I'm really happy with how easily my curls get defined now. There's also no 'straight/wavy' ends on my hair either. 

All in all, I love my new length. 

I save so much time with detangling, styling and my scalp is so much cooler. I haven't had my hair this short in a long time, so it's completely refreshing and fun!

If you're worrying about your big chop -- whether it's because of damage or because of split ends -- try to remember that it will grow back! Not only will it grow back, but it'll be healthier. Granted, it does feel weird sometimes to not have so much hair... but I know how much healthier my hair is now!